2022-03-21 12:56

It is well known that the trends regarding designs of a kitchen and its arrangement change annually. However, what trends will dominate the year of 2022? Let’s check.

For a while, interiors with a strong connection to the nature have been gaining popularity. As well as that, this year a combination of wood, stone and linen incorporated with intensive colours will be a great option for designing a modern as well as functional kitchen.

When it comes to stone, both minimalist decorative elements such as vases, chopping boards, jugs as well as those larger decorative elements such as counter tops, tabletops and wall panels of a large scale will be climbing its way into 2022 fashion.

It is well worth to enrich your kitchen design with a large quantity of wood accents such as chairs, tables, kitchen stools, food or wine shelves, cupboards. When it comes to the wood material itself, it gained popularity among kitchen furniture, but not just ones that have a harsh and plain appearance, we are talking about furniture which is milled or perhaps grooved, because due to this a plain and boring interior can gain its character and a dimensional effect.

Moving forward, regardless of the leading colours of this season being shades of brown, beige, black, grey, and white, a larger scale of clients is interested in combining those previously named colours with some vivid accents, such as fronts of top cupboards in shades of violet, emerald, green or orange. Thanks to this, the room appears as more interesting.

Another important element that is taken into consideration when designing the interior of a kitchen is an option regarding a favourite season of the year – this means adding elements made of linen. They can be tablecloths as well as decorative cushions, curtains and even wooden chairs with a linen upholstery. These decorative elements, regardless of looking quite harsh, add the kitchen vivid, idyllic climate.

In 2022, as everything connected to nature is highly appreciated, kitchen equipment in the style of retro, vintage, boho and even rustic will be the most popular option among clients.

Those kitchens distinct themselves with minimalism as well as a wise use of space. It is important to ensure that in a kitchen there isn’t only large counters, there should also be space designated for a few durable, wooden shelves which could be used as an exhibition of plates, mugs, spice containers or plant pots and as well as that they optically enlarge the space of the kitchen.

However, if you aren’t enthusiast of a rustic style, it is well worth to give into the light and elegant appearance of wooden cupboards with glass doors. Due to this addition, your kitchen will gain an effect of precision as well as elegance.

To summarise, in the year of 2022 we chose nature and a new look on it. Separate to the use of our favourite materials of wood and stone in many different shades and colours, lets not fear creating our own colour schemes, using vintage decorations and creating such spaces which provide us with comfort or being in them.

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